Robert Stevens

If elected as a commissioner, I will protect you against the Utah County government

It was a cold day in Provo when our daughter filmed this on April 14, 2021

Citizens Want Focus Groups

No leader can make all the right decisions without consulting experts and stakeholders. To understand problems, formulate solutions, and remove unjust barriers, your input is needed. By frequently inviting a variety of citizens with ideas and knowledge to constructive focus groups, we will return our government to the people.

Imagine a County Where Families Can Afford to Live Near Each Other

Our oldest children graduated from BYU, completed graduate work, found tech jobs, and married wonderful spouses. Now they want to settle down and live in homes near their family, but how can they afford to live in Utah County with skyrocketing housing prices and ever-increasing demand?

From our 18-year struggle to settle our land in Utah County purchased from our life’s savings, we discovered stale, outdated county regulations restrict progress and price out the next generation.

45 Roadblocks for Subdivision Approval in Unincorporated Utah County

In Utah County, 96% of Citizens Live in Just 4% of the Land Inside Incorporated Cities

Utah’s Noxious Weed Act Criminalizes all Landowners with Noxious Weeds

Did you know Utah County’s annual budget exceeds $100 million but they build no new roads, bridges, sewers, or wastewater treatment systems? What do they do with your taxes?

Only $3 million is spent annually to maintain Utah County’s 540 miles of roads.

Make regulations available for public modification

Thousands of outdated regulations impede progress for families, agriculture, and contractors. It is time to open the doors of innovation so people like you can contribute your wisdom and expertise in planned focus groups.

Paper vs Electronic Voting?


For 24 years, Robert supported his family from his startup software businesses. He knows something about working hard, pleasing customers and striving for success.

Passion for Liberty

Robert has deep convictions for freedom, inalienable rights, and correct precepts and principles. Rather than forcing citizens to comply with bad laws, Robert believes in empowering citizens to solve problems.


Robert will help create a spirit of entrepreneurship by introducing innovation not seen before in government, while always adhering to constitutional principles. See Robert’s LinkedIn profile.

Stop the overregulation

All of us have ideas about how to improve the future. Let’s end the archaic rulers versus us pattern and start collaborating online and in focus groups.

Affordable housing for families

Previous commissioners created the housing problem. Although many regulations have been clarified, perhaps none have been eliminated. Local governments can affect your life personally, even more than our state and federal leaders. Consider what the future of Utah County will look with real innovation.