Husband, Father of Seven, Startup CEO, Software Entrepreneur, and Land Developer

Robert Stevens, Utah County Commissioner

Robert Stevens completed his M.S. courses in Computer Science at Brigham Young University and earned a B.S. in Computer Science also from BYU. He and his wife have seven children, all born and raised in Utah County.

The oldest four also graduated from BYU and by this summer will all have their master’s degrees. They were fortunate to have a mother who read to them every day.

As one Utah Valley’s early software engineers, Robert programmed for WordPerfect, Novell, Microsoft, Walmart, GEICO, Disney, the U.S. Army, WriteExpress and many other companies.

Since 2004, Robert has been working with Utah County to develop their land. By overcoming countless regulatory roadblocks, he gained new insights to help solve our housing crisis, overregulation, and other challenges to help build a better future.

Learn more about Robert’s work via his LinkedIn Profile.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.” – Steve Jobs

I never met Steve Jobs but I once stood by him at WordPerfect’s Hard Disk Cafe. Steve was young, taller than me, and had a full set of dark hair. I very much wanted to say hi but felt inferior standing next to such a great person, and then realized his security guard was watching me closely.

It is all about love—love of people, life, liberty, and good government and recognizing it will require your help and divine assistance.